Executive Team

Percy Vital, Jr.

Percy Vital, Jr is the president of MyVital Air, a family-owned company that operates in Houston, TX.

Percy has over 35 years experience deeply rooted in the commercial and residential HVAC field with an EPA Universal certification.

Over the last 7 years, MyVital Air has earned the reputation as an expert in residential, commercial and auto air sanitation solutions and is well known for its products that guarantee results.
Beverin E. Ffrench, Jr.
Business Development
Beverin Ffrench, Jr is the Vice President of Business Development at My Vital Air, leading market growth and global efforts across business development and sales.
Before joining Myvitalair, Beverin work in real estate as a realtor in addition having a background as a building inspector. It was there and while simultaneously obtaining his degree in Process Technology that Beverin learned how important air quality is in everyday lifestyle and the market demand for such air quality assurance in residential and commercial environments for the purpose of poor health, mold and fungus preventative measures.